ANDREA - a full time Yoga, Pilates and Tai Chi instructor.

I fell in love with yoga over seven years ago, when I got a Nintendo DS and bought a game called Let's Yoga. From then, I began 'playing' yoga everyday, sometimes twice a day. At first, the practice was more physical for me, but after few months I started to really count on yoga to bring me a sense of calm during especially chaotic days. Soon after, I began recognizing the benefits of a regular asana and meditation practice and continued to incorporate yoga daily - not just during times of chaos. I found myself feeling more energized, more compassionate, happier, and with more awareness. Now, I teach full-time and couldn't be happier to do what I love. What began as a physical practice for strength and flexibility quickly became a lifestyle. I teach my students to take their yoga off the mat and apply the principles learned in the class to their lives outside of the studio. I do not only teach my philosophy, I live it.

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Disco Pilates :)

This is how we do it in Venue360!
We have to have a bit fun in classes, too :) we had crazy red lights today, plus did a bit ofhard work on the chairs, too, I hope everyone enjoyed it :) 

Monday, 19 September 2016

Stretches for splits - cviky na snuru

Many of you asked me for more stretches for splits - here u go! 
This was still on holiday - oooh how I miss the sunshine!!!
Enjoy - but dont over stretch!!!!!!

Sunday, 18 September 2016

What we did in the class - Firefly Pose - Tittibhasana

Well, well, well, sometimes (all the time :P) we have real challenges in the classes and after today's session in the park we tried Firefly Pose, too... here is a video and instructions how to do it... plus few pics :) 
1. Start in a standing forward fold with knees slightly bent and feet slightly wider than hip width. Grab your right calf with your right hand and press deeply into the leg to help work your shoulder behind the calf. Repeat the same action with your left leg and shoulder. Then toe-heel your feet closer together, but no closer than hip width.

2. Once both shoulders are neatly behind your legs, wrap your forearms around the sides of your shins and place your palms on top of your feet, fingers pointing forward. Hug your upper thighs around your torso and keep your head heavy.

3. With active thighs, keep hugging in toward the midline. Bend your knees deeper. Place your palms on the ground behind your feet and drop your buttocks until your arms create a throne to sit on. Extend your gaze forward. Lift the feet. Keep squeezing the sides of your body with your thighs, and firm your forearms.

4. Drop your seat even farther toward your wrists as you lift your lower belly and hug your thighs around your arms. Once your hips are set, work toward straightening your legs. Keep your sternum lifted, collarbones wide, and gaze forward. Shift your shoulder heads back and lift the gaze.

Yoga get-together 18th Sept 2016

Our first yoga get-together - it was only few of us today, but I had such a nice time with my yoga ladies and gentlemen, thank you all for coming and I hope you enjoyed today afternoon as much as I did!! I learnt so many new things, I hope you, too :) 

Our 2nd yoga get-together is next Sunday 25th Sept @1pm

Enjoy the pictures :)

Saturday, 17 September 2016

My super cool intro video 😁

Woo hoo - the intro video is finished thanks to a very talented and creative Michal - I love it!!!! ❤❤❤

We were filming all day and found 25 perfect locations - it was hard work, but it certainly did pay off - everything is real on the video! 😁😁

What do you say about it? 🙈😎

Breathe Into Mindfulness - meditation CD

Finally, the meditation CD is a reality!!!
I was waiting for it for few years, but I think things happen when they need to happen and now it is time for recordings :)

There are 4 meditations on the CD:
1 Journey of your mind 23:43
2 Magical colour shower 17:54
3 Let go 9:27
4 Clear your awareness 5:24

These four meditations will help you develop greater depths of calmness and self-awareness, and will help you to cultivate greater appreciation for yourself and loving kindness for others.
If you want to buy the CD (£6,99), let me know :)